Trade Show Booth Construction in Ambiente Exhibition Booth in Frankfurt, Germany

Exhibitions are the perfect face to face marketing frequently exhibition participation is vital for global acting companies to increase the direct communication with very important clients, to build relationships and to establish their products or services on the international markets.

Trade show booth construction by Activteam with 20 years discernment in Exhibition marketing, supported exhibitors with advanced exhibition designed and created booths at the trade fair, delivering again this year remarkable exhibition stands.

Exhibition visibility is not a difficult task with clear goals and preparation Activteam if being designed with Target implementation in the overall design concept

Enjoys the shapes, colors and materials that will be up and going in the international market based on specific examples. Here you will find innovations that fit precisely with your product mix. The accompanying series of lectures provides additional inspirations.
The trends are showcased in four theme worlds by stilburo bora, herke, palmisano, which stages them in a unique special presentation using exhibitor products. The Netherlands and its lively design scene will be guests of honor in Frankfurt. A special presentation with out of ordinary concepts and events at the stands of Dutch exhibitors on the Monday of the fair Partner Country Day will display unconventional ideas on their way into the market industry.

An exhibition design lined up with the exhibition marketing targets is the main step when contriving a booth. As trade show targets can differ from brand new item launch to dealer search or generating a brand new brand name, etc. Interviewing exhibitors, making important industry contacts, finding suppliers, the ended exhibition indicates that an exhibition stand environment developed in accordance with the objectives is essential.

An impressive trade show booth and fine quality construction with a fresh design creation can make a big difference when scheduling your next exhibition presentation.