Promotion and consultancy services for exhibitions

Marketing, promotion and consultancy services for exhibitions


Whether you are introducing a new consumer or B2B product, or a new service or company, using all channels on public relations, advertising, marketing, exhibition stands, web, social media or other communications to generate awareness, success and drive sales can be a monumental challenge. If you can’t describe your new product and its advantages for the customer in 50 words or less, you need to keep editing the description until it is clear.

Don’t get down in delineating dozens of details, it’s more important to hit the high points of the product’s key selling points to communicate, it’s important to make every media impression count, so your product messages should be on point and clearly communicated to be sure the message is clearly heard and understood.

What consumer insights can you uncover that might lead you in a new direction when it comes to engaging your audience or prompting attention.  Study other industries and competitors to see what new and interesting tactics they are using that might be applied to your industry.

Identify New Ways to Be Newsworthy:

If you are launching a line extension or re-launching an icon product, it will be critical to think of new and interesting ways to make your product fresh and interesting.

Perhaps engaging a celebrity spokesperson can reinvigorate an already-launched product.

What about using a company milestone to create an attention grabbing event to highlight your new product?

Research and professional approach to establish demand and product supply

The task of deploying a new product or building a subscriber base for a new or existing niche market consists of the following basic steps on the part of the exhibition marketer conducting the sales strategy. Finding the niche market itself, a task that requires weeks, months and possibly years of market investigation.

Researching the niche market to establish demand and product supply, levels of product saturation (are there already some or more than just some products out there catering to this niche market),  advertiser competition, search volume are subjects for professionals.

We provide leader consulting services to our customers and conduct prime-level executive researches across a wide range of industries and sectors.