Preparation tips for an exceptional, exhibition stand design

Face-to-face meetings between exhibitors and visitors on the trade fair are essential.

The exhibition stand design plays an important role, since it is the development of the stand where these meetings will take place. For exchanging information and connecting by  long-term relations that can be established and maintained.

At the same time exhibitions communicate information about a product or a service in a much more productive and direct way than other instruments because the senses of both the sender and recipient receive much more input, becoming a long-lasting communications effect. Planning is an important step research how to develop an excellent design.

What specific value proposition does your product/service offer for this region of business? This could be more important than a stylish exhibit with engaging exhibitor staff.

Being a exhibitor from another country, be delicate and aware of cultural differences when attending or operating a exhibition. Your product, services, and exhibition stand design theme might be great, but how you engage with an international audience can make or break your chances to meet your goals.

Marketing mix elements include of pinpointing a product, pricing and sales conditions, and implementing sales and communications measures. These are the instruments a company uses to control its affect on the sales market.

Exhibitions and event marketing and advertising are always one of the most expensive components in any companies marketing budget. The expense may be greater but surely must be viewed as an investment to bring benefits, and measure, the full benefits of one on one marketing.
The biggest mistake that companies make when taking their local exhibitions experiences abroad is assuming that their formula for success will work the same internationally.

But if your company is hosting an event, you may be inviting prospects and even current customers. The bottom line is to invite those you know will be interested in the chosen theme and topic of the event. In other words, to generate quality leads from your event, you need to determine your customers.

By carefully segmenting your database and reaching out to the most interested demographic, you can attract attendees that are prospective buyers. And also by executing pre and post event campaigns and scheduling on-site meetings with targeted attendees, you can return to the office with a range of truly qualified leads.

Budgeting and preparing

The preparation process previous to participating in an exhibition is complete without having a budget being written in good time. Admittedly, it is difficult to forecast costs the first time round, but after finding out the costs at the first exhibition one can make more effective calculations for a second event.

After the fair has finished (approx. 4 months after the event), and once the cost of each individual item has been determined, it is possible to make a final assessment of expenses versus advantages and choose how successful the company was most factors involved in attending a trade fair.

The costs can be separated as follows:

Exhibition stand hire, utilities along with other operations electricity, water, disposal
stand design, building and outfitting
services relating to the stand and communications
transport and waste disposal
personnel and travel
other expenses

Make sure you have your better sales and development staff ready to attend the trade show on the day and give them clear roles. Have some on the stand itself as well as some circulating through the exhibition and attending talks and other possibilities to build relationships business representatives and leads. Avoid over manning your stand, as it can look intimidating. More info