INTERNORGA Exhibition Stand in Hamburg, Germany Exhibition Stand Suppliers Review

One important exhibition is over again, many smiling faces but also exhibitors who thought was went wrong. That a stand work In line with the exhibition targets, to attract, and obtain the deserved attention is obvious. A visible and eye catching exhibition stand, straightforward messages, creation of a fine atmosphere was an everybody mind and in some project was made successfully in others not. Many faces reflected the outcome.

The main topics of the Internorga include kitchen appliances and equipment, furnishings and equipment, food and beverages, bakery and confectionery requisites, shop fitting, computer equipment, POS systems and communication, ice cream machines, ingredients and supplies. The nternorga is a worldwide trade fair for hotels, restaurants, caterers, bakeries and pastry shops and is considered the leading trade fair for the food service and catering market. It takes place every year in Hamburg and will be open to trade visitors only.

The Internorga is accompanied by a foodservice forum and a forum specifically for school catering. Here, experts respond to questions of visitors to prospects, strategies, market situation, trend setting and sustainability. Thus, the Internorga is the information platform and a must for all market participants from the industry. High quality trade visitors with top decision makers in the market are guaranteeing good turn over, long term relationships and international networking opportunities. Even newcomers will be facilitated the entrance into the market with the help of the Newcomers Arena.

High visibility recognizable look to our brand and a leading image, created attention and the will coming atmosphere inside the exhibition stand has been reported by exhibitors Contracting the stand by exhibition stand supplier Activteam.
This exhibition has once again shown that a personalized exhibition stand with a unique appearance is the key for exhibition success. A custom exhibition stand  design can give the stand on the fairground a very and impressive visual appeal. When the design is beautiful and special, it can send an outstanding image to the audience which often will recognize the presentation of an important, leading company.

From making new customers contacts, to launching new products and services, Securing and expanding the position on the marketplace exhibitors could encounter exceptional exhibition stand solutions.