Effective tips for preparing impressive exhibition stand design

One of the crucial roles of an exhibition company is to present an exhibition stand design that support the visitor’s psychological well-being. From local exhibitions to world trade fairs, innovation in exhibition stands and interior decor are transforming the exhibition industry. Architecture and exhibition stand design frequently refer to the experience of the user, the sensations or moods the design generates and the meaning carried by such environments.

The operation of designing interior spaces for exhibition stands consists of combining a number of aspects which take part collectively in realizing a successful performance by their effects on the commercial activities on the one hand, and by delivering an effective environment that fulfills human needs on the other, which realizes a successful sales results.

The requirements of exhibition stand highlighted:

Calm: A relaxing, peaceful setting in which visitors may inform themselves about products or services and also rest.

Lively: An stimulating, exciting environment, creating brand recognition.

Welcoming: An exhibition environment that is inviting and approachable.

Private: The environment promotes a sense of privacy, in this case, a VIP room for private conversations with customers.

Lighting plays an important role, color, intensity, and brightness of lighting. It also referred to match with natural lighting, lighting methods producing in the virtual form, and types of sources such as linear or spotlight, which focus on products and attractions to demonstrate a sort of feeling to the audience. Colors tend to incite action, projecting the brand and creating stimulation in the audience producing different effects on it’s behavior and mood.

Perceiving the booth environment involves observing its physical characteristics and assimilating general information. The impact of the physical environment on efficient responses has been emphasized by many researchers. The exhibition stand contractor holds this responsibility by way of his understanding and translation of the requirements into impressive exhibition stand designs. More info