Project management

It’s very reassuring to deal with one project manager and have the same team with you from start to finish. Next, your chosen firm should have the resources to be able to do everything in house from design to providing equipment to installation.
Other than the staff and equipment, this should also include facilities such as workshops to develop customized solutions for your particular needs.
This not only streamlines the whole operation, it also helps keep costs down.


Projects always start with a decision to accomplish something

The decision to embark in a project is followed by a preparation stage when the project manager or the team in charge with the project evaluate the the exhibition targets and needed, schedule all the activities, and provide all the service before deadlines.
Depending on how experienced the project manager is in doing exhibition projects, he will be able to anticipate the roadblocks which the project will encounter over the implementation phase and will be capable to avoid eventually mistakes.
Before embarking in any project, it is always advisable to perform a fast check of the projeckt managers capabilities, how fast he communicates and understand exhibitor needs.

Willing to avoid any kind of mistakes during the implementation phase, exhibitors should start the design process before 60 days of the exhibition.
Postponing to take action, often has a negative impact on the final project success.
The marketplace is permanently moving and, if you don’t act in time, you’ll lose — even if finally your project will be perfect managed.